Images of Norfolk


Windmills are found all over the county from the traditional, such as this one at Cley, to the wind turbines found at Swaffham EcoTech Centre.

Poppies are often found around the Norfolk countryside. The area around Cromer and Sherringham is often known as Poppyland because of the opium poppies which were cultivated there in the past.

Although none of them are active as in the past, Norfolk’s harbours are still used by fishermen with their catch of the day, sailors racing for fun and Wells-next-the-sea is often host to the Albatros.

The Norfolk seal can often be found in the waters around the Norfolk coast. A colony lives on Blakeney Point and boat trips are run from Blakeney Quay.

The Broads are the traditional view of Norfolk, flat land and open rivers for sailing. They lie to the East of Norwich and provide a perfect relaxing holiday location.

Norfolk Beaches range from beautiful pure sand to pebbles. The beaches of the Holkham Estate are often used in films and music videos because of it’s beauty.

With many active farms across the county, Hay Bales are often seen throughout the countryside at harvest time.